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Seaventures: House-Reef Diving

The vast area both underneath and outside the footprint of the rig have become home to many species of fish and reef creatures. Diving Seaventures’ house-reef is also perfect as a check-out dive before you head out for Sipadan diving.

Divemaster Khairi

Meet Khairi! One of the friendliest face you will see when you are on the Dive Rig. With a colorful work experience, we wonder what can’t, Khairi do. Mohammad Khairi Maula Hazlan or Khairi, is a born and bred Penangite. After finishing primary & secondary

Top 5 Things to See in Sipadan

Are you planning your diving in Sipadan with us very soon and still wondering if it’s worth it? Rig divers Chris and Michelle DeCaro shared with us their scuba diving video from Sipadan during their stay on the dive rig. Chris and Michelle also shared

Diving in Sabah

Scuba diving in Sabah is one of the most sought after by divers all over the world. Located on the northern portion of Borneo Island, it is actually a state of Malaysia. Sabah has land borders with fellow Malaysian state Sarawak to the southwest and

来诗巴丹平台极限潜水度假村快乐享受 :丰富美食,一夜好眠,顶级潜水

最近来诗巴丹平台极限潜水度假村的客人Chris 和 Michelle DeCaro 与我们了他们这趟旅程的影片. 在这段视频中,他们介绍了在马布島及平台下潜水的精彩 实况. 在潜水的过程中他们遇见了种类丰富及数量众多的各式海洋生物如巨型海鳗和石斑,以及很多的海龟. 欢迎您自行观赏,也希望您跟我们一样喜欢这段视频.  

Eat, Sleep & Dive Seaventures

Chris & Michelle DeCaro booked to stay with us recently and shared with us the video they took during their trip. In this video, they spoke about the diving in Mabul and the house-reef. Showing us the many marine life they spotted during their dives.