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Planning your dive as we are taught to when we first start to dive is great — but we all know that dives never follow just one simple straight line. The ascents and descents mean shallower (or deeper) waters and that means a slower (or faster) nitrogen absorption time. To maximise your dive time and make the most of your ascents into the shallows plan your dives the way you actually dive. The PADI Multilevel Diver course teaches you how to plan for multi-level dives, even if you forget to bring your dive computer.

Multilevel Diver Seaventures Sipadan

Most divers nowadays dive with dive computers, but that doesn’t mean that knowing how to manually plan your dives isn’t an essential skill to have. Batteries die, computers malfunction — the PADI Multilevel Diver course will ensure you have a back-up plan and now how to calculate your dives without relying solely on a computer. After all a manually planned dive will help you to understand why you need to do the things you do when you are following your dive computer.

You will learn how to plan and execute multilevel dives, back up your dive computer and maximise your no-stop time. You will also be exposed to different types of dive calculators and learn about planning, organisation, techniques and potential problems that may occur on a multilevel dive and how to rectify them.

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