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Getting lost underwater is no fun and in some cases it can put yourself and your buddy at risk. The PADI Underwater Navigation course is an essential course for those of you wanting to ensure you know where you are at all times — group or no group. Underwater navigation is an essential skill to possess and by becoming an expert in it you will be a diver that people will want to follow.

Being a certified PADI underwater navigator is an excellent extension of the skills you have already picked up in your Advanced Open Water course and is the perfect way to really improve your own dive safety and of those around you. By confidently knowing where you are, you will be the one that every diver will want to buddy up with.

Learning to navigate underwater is no easy task, however, the PADI Underwater Navigation course breaks it down into a few essential components. As part of this course you will learn about specific navigation patterns, natural navigation without a compass and compass navigation, how to ‘mark’ or relocate a submerged object or position from the surface, underwater map marking and how to follow irregular courses with the Nav-Finder and dive site relocation including how to estimate distance underwater.

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