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Live the dream and teach diving with our selection of PADI Professional Courses

Master Scuba Diver Trainer is the most unique way to become a specialty instructor. At Seaventures Dive Rig we have the ideal training, logistics and diving to take you from being a PADI open water scuba instructor to being a PADI specialty instructor or PADI master scuba diver trainer.  The MSDT prep course consists of a minimum of 3 days and will gain you a minimum of 5 specialty instructor ratings. These are of course minimums and we offer unlimited specialty instructor rating packages that last 4-5 days and can gain you up to  15 specialty instructor ratings. Why would you want to become a PADI MSDT? This is instructor level continue education where we will take you from being able to teach the core courses to teaching as many specialties as you want to fit in, we tailor our courses to your passions with our course director and staff instructors having a very high level of skill in many areas of diving. They are professional photographers, videographers and technical divers that will take your diving to another level. Choose from these specialties Deep Wreck Nitrox* Sidemount*Search and RecoveryDigital Underwater Photography NightSelf Reliant*NaturalistNavigatorAWARE Dive against Debris AWARETec Sidemount* Once qualified you will be able to teach these specialties to your students, gaining you more money and a greater diversity to what you can teach. Did we mention Sipadan? On the 3 day program you get a guaranteed permit and for a 5 day or more program you get a minim of 2 permits. We will explore the depths to 40m on the deep instructor rating where we consistently see hammerheads and other large sharks. You have unlimited diving during the course so when we are back on the rig you can go for as many extra dives as you want. We have some of the best macro life that south east asia has to offer so if you want to take photography or videography Mabul, Kapalai and the house reef are ideal to hone your photography and video skills. If you are looking to become a PADI specialty instructor or Master Scuba Diver Trainer then Seaventures is a great option for divers who want expert training, that something extra from there MSDT staff and to learn new skills with some of the best diving in South East Asia. *Courses that require the specialty diver rating first or have additional prerequisites.