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Tag: Dive Sipadan

Dive with a dive computer

Dive Computers: Your Safety Buddy

A dive computer monitors your depth, duration of dive and movements underwater. It calculate your nitrogen exposure, therefore you are able to dive multilevel and maximise your bottom time. At Seaventures Dive Rig, you can rent a dive computer at RM50 per day. Make safety as your top concern for each of your dive trip.

Stargazing during a clear, starry night from Seaventures sundeck

Stargazing on the Sundeck

Time lapse during a clear, starry night from the sundeck of Seaventures Dive Rig. Stargazing at its best to unwind after a great day of diving.


Scuba Diving Sipadan Malaysia

Being home to six out of the world’s seven marine turtle, there is a dark side to scuba diving Sipadan. 20m from the surface and another 200m from the entrance is the infamous Turtle Tomb.