PADI Advanced Open Water Dive

By completing five PADI Adventure Dives – of the specialty of your choice (except the compulsory Navigation Dive and Deep Dive) and the theory, and you will become a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.

There are many benefits to becoming a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver — including the ability to dive to thirty metres instead of eighteen metres as a certified PADI Open Water Diver — perfect when you are in a group of advanced divers and you want to see what is lurking at slightly deeper depths.

  • You can choose three more dives from a huge selection of adventure dives such as digital underwater photography, wreck diving, diver propulsion vehicle diving and many more.
  • One of your five adventure dive must be the navigation dive and another the deep dive – just to experience the feeling of diving deep with an instructor so that you are ready for it when you are with a buddy.

This course can be completed in as little as two days as long as you complete the relevant dives.

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