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The World's First & Only Dive Rig

Live in the moment! Dive Sipadan & Jump off Seaventures

Seaventures Dive Rig is situated 26 kilometres from the coast of Semporna, firmly standing on the seabed at the height of 24 meters above the Celebes Sea. If you are planning to visit Sabah, a state in Malaysia's North Borneo region, there is no better experience than what Seaventures Dive Rig has to offer. The rig's Sabahan crew will welcome you with warm hospitality and best-in-class diving services.


Looking for a unique accommodation experience near Sipadan?

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Look no further than Seaventures Dive Rig! This unconventional stay offers 41 spacious guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms, perfect for solo travellers or small groups seeking a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Get Certified

PADI Scuba Certification

Expand your underwater horizon in the warm, clear water, teeming with marine life. Seaventures Dive Rig offers an excellent diver training environment that suits all skill levels.

Open Water Diver
What better way to start diving – than learning to dive and then taking your first steps in the world class dive site of Sipadan with a 5-star PADI Dive…
PADI Rig Diver Specialty
You will learn skills and techniques for diving safely from and under oil rigs anywhere in the world.
Adventure Diver
PADI Adventure Diver The PADI Adventure Diver course introduces you to diving skills and specialties that you possibly didn’t even know existed. Learn how to take photographs underwater, film underwater…


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Whether it is your first plunge or you want to become a PADI pro, we offer a wide range of PADI courses for your scuba diving certification.

There's nothing else quite like Seaventures Dive Rig

Tick your bucket-list

Dive into an unforgettable journey at Seaventures Dive Rig,
where every day is a picture-worthy moment filled with wonder
and excitement. From the minute you ascend the offshore
elevator platform, you'll be greeted by a cheerful rig crew ready
to make your stay extraordinary. Explore the rig and marvel at
the world's only dive rig, knowing that you're staying on one of
the largest movable structures on Earth!

I love this place for many reason, first it is a SCUBA Diving resort for real divers. # boat dives a day, with possibility to do 5 and unlimited house reef.

Amazing macro and unreal Sipadan island, permits guaranteed with a minimum stay of 3 days.

Jonatan Sanchez

Spent 5 days 4 nights here and I absolutely love it. The dive masters are professional and fun. I felt safe diving with them. The food here was amazing, it’s in buffet style and nicely cooked by experienced chef. As for the accommodation, it’s basic but has everything you need. Overall, it’s a once in a lifetime experience and I would recommend this place to the others

Yen Thung Tan

When arriving to Sipadan on a beautiful morning to dive and snorkel, one of the diving masters referred to this place as his own paradise on Earth, I can now gladly say it has also become mine after my stay at Seaventures Dive Rig.

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in this fabulous resort, which offers you an experience of ultimate beauty and enjoyment. The rooms are clean and tidy, the food is delicious and the quality of the dive masters is elite, and the people that joined us throughout our time here were the essence of this unique Dive Rig, and of course the beauty of Sipadan.

The diving and non diving crew were both incredibly hospitable, their kindness unique in any resort we’ve ever seen before, and every single one of them deserves being recognized and valued for their character and skill, both in and out of water.

So special thanks to the entire team at Seaventures Dive Rig for every moment!!!

Noa Sánchez Bermúdez, Spain

Excellent all round
Great diving, great dive masters who are knowledgeable, safe and informed. Accommodation is clean and very nice for such a remote location. Food is excellent, atmosphere is friendly, staff are good and pay attention to detail and personal needs. Thank you Seaventures.

Rei_0001, USA

This was a dreamy place to dive after a long hiatus of not-diving-due-to-travel-restrictions.

We were there for 5 days, 4 nights and were able to do a total of 14 dives, inclusive of 3 dives in Sipadan. We paid extra for a guided night dive in the house reef and the difference in night and day was well worth. We rented our wetsuit and equipment and while there were some minor issues, the crew was quick to change and was flexible i.e. I changed to a long wetsuit after my first 2 dives. The stay was comfortable, with hot water and air conditioning. The food was delicious and warmed us, belly up. There was so much variety and not a single dish was repeated in our stay there. There was hot water, black coffee and orange juice 24/7. There were also snacks in case you get hungry and trust me, you’d be hungry after the dives. Best were the tea time snacks at about 4pm, the donuts – fresh, hot and fluffy. A DREAM.

The dive masters were professional and warm, bringing us through the check dive and a house reef dive on Day 1. We were guaranteed a day in Sipadan and it was a glorious day. Shout out to Dive Master Tark for many amazing dives with creatures, big and small. The rig is compact and well thought-out. There’s the sundeck, which was a lovely place to wind down. The main deck is where most hang out in between dives. There’s the rig lift where it’s always interesting to peep at what’s coming or going. It’s quite special to dive off the rig lift for the house reef dives. There’s something else that everyone should try – the rig jump! Nothing like some adrenaline to end your stay at the rig.

Thank you Ramesh and the crew (in front and behind the scenes) for making the rig what it is, a unique dive stay that everyone should experience for themselves!

Ginger C, Singapore

I felt sad to say goodbye to everyone when I was leaving the rig when I felt I had known the crew for a long time even though I just spent only four days.

I booked this trip back in Mar 2020, after waiting for 3 years, I had the chance to travel to Sabah. Sandy from the tour office was extremely helpful and provided detailed information about the trip. I booked the 4D3N package for my open water course. The rig is very close to Mabul Island. A lot of people dive at Sipadan which requires an advanced permit. It is a very special experience to stay at the rig. I have to take the lift to the platform. I was touched when everyone in the crew came out and greeted the arriving guests.

The place has everything. It is like a small community. It has a nice dining area, gaming room, bar, etc. The previous helipad is now sundeck which is excellent for sunset. The rig provides boat transport to Mabul Island in the afternoon. Food changes every day and the communal dining area is good for meeting other travelers.All instructors there are friendly and fun. My instructor Nick showed us around the rig. It was a packed schedule to learn so many skills in a short time but he was patient and explained the details. I was able to dive and see the reefs and turtles around Mabul Island. I felt accomplished when I got the course passed and it was hard to say bye when I was leaving.

K Iskandar, Singapore

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