Dive Sites

Discover the underwater wonders of the Coral Triangle Region, from muck and macro sites to an exhilarating 600m wall dive in Sipadan.

Seaventures House Reef

Seaventures offers more than just boat dives to nearby dive sites. Guests can enjoy unlimited house reef dives right off the rig. This house reef is famous for its incredible macro life and is the only one of its kind on the planet. The rig has become an iconic destination for divers around the world who come to experience the unique diving offered here. The drilling rig was decommissioned before it was anchored off Mabul Island, and over the years, every inch of the structure has become covered with life, invertebrates, frog-fish, lion-fish, and many other fascinating critters.


An amazing range of sea creatures are found at the dive spots around Mabul Island, most divers come in search of the wonderfully camouflaged macro marine life in the sandy bottom or around the lairs and rubble, however they will be pleasantly surprised by the large number of green turtles observing the muck-divers at each of the sites!

Dive spots: Artificial Reef, Coral Reef Garden, Crocodile avenue, Eel Garden, Froggy’s Lair, Lobster Wall, Panglima Reef, Paradise 1, Paradise 2, Ray Point, Stingray City


Year round diving is available at Kapalai, the dive sites beneath the Kapalai resort features sandy bottom.  Colourful nudibranchs, ribbon eels, ghost pipefish are regularly spotted around the wooden boat wrecks.


Dive spots: Cleaning Station. Gurnard Point, Lobster Rock, Mandarin Valley, Spotted Ray Channel


World-famous destination for diving. The legendary explorer Jacques Cousteau referred diving at Sipadan as an “untouched piece of art.”

Barracuda point is where the big action happens, swirling vortex of blacktail barracuda alongside large schools of jacks, while bannerfish crisscrossing over coral crunching bumphead parrotfish all under the watchful reef sharks patrolling the parameters.  Divers will spot over thirty green turtles gliding or resting over the sponges and stunning soft corals along the spectacular 600metre wall drop.

Other dive spots: Coral garden, Drop off, Hanging garden, Lobster lair, Mid reef, North point, South point, Staghorn crest, Turtle cove, Turtle patch, West ridge, Whitetip avenue.