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Freediving Seaventures

Last month we introduced you to the idea of Freediving. This month we are going to look at what it takes to become a PADI Freediver, and what we can see while freediving around the rig.

The PADI Freediver course is an entry level training program designed to give people a solid understanding of the 4 disciplines of freediving.

  • Static Apnea. While floating on the surface with your face submerged you hold your breath for as long as possible. The course goal is 90 seconds.
  • Dynamic Apnea. Swimming as far as possible on one breath just below the surface. The course goal is 25 metres.
  • Free Immersion. Using a descent line to pull yourself down, either head-up or head-down, and not using fins. Great for getting accustomed to depth freediving.
  • Constant weight. Some say this is the true art of freediving. Following a descent line you swim down using fins, and then swim back to the surface. The course goal is 10 metres and the maximum depth is 16 metres.

There is also a knowledge development section to the course, this comes in a very user friendly digital product suitable for handheld devices or desktops.

Once you have completed the PADI Freediver course (or qualifying certification) you can continue on to become a PADI Advanced Freediver, achieving depths of up to 24 metres. You could then consider becoming a PADI Master Freediver, achieving depths of up to 30 metres. Both of these courses also further your skills in rescue, breathing techniques and general dive skills. And, the study material you receive for the PAD Freediver course can also be used for the PADI Advanced and Master levels.

After you have completed your course, or if you are already a certified Freediver you can then use those skills to explore our stunning dive sites. Sipadan Island, consistently rated as one of the worlds best dive spots, has endless vertical reef walls just calling to be explored. Up close and personal encounters with the resident Reef Sharks and Turtles, or descents into schools of Barracudas and Jack Fish are highly likely. Around Mabul and Kapalai you can explore our natural and artificial reefs, scouting for the weird and wonderful macro critters that abound in this area.

So, if you are interested in exploring freediving further, please get in touch! Well happily talk you through how we can include freediving, or a Freediving course, into your stay on the rig, and answer any questions you may have.