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Top 5 Things to See in Sipadan

Are you planning your diving in Sipadan with us very soon and still wondering if it’s worth it? Rig divers Chris and Michelle DeCaro shared with us their scuba diving video from Sipadan during their stay on the dive rig. Chris and Michelle also shared with us their Eat, Sleep,

Diving in Sabah

Scuba diving in Sabah is one of the most sought after by divers all over the world. Located on the northern portion of Borneo Island, it is actually a state of Malaysia. Sabah has land borders with fellow Malaysian state Sarawak to the southwest and Indonesia’s Kalimantan region to the

PADI 5-Star Dive Resort

PADI 5 Star Dive Resort, TecRec and Freediver dive centre we offer the full range of PADI Recreational courses, including Freediver and Technical courses. We emphasize on safe diving and