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Ocean Conservation Week 2018

At Seaventures we take a huge amount of pride in the conservation work that we do. As well as being active contributors to the Project AWARE, Dive Against Debris program; we are proud members of Green Fins (an international NGO that sets conservation standards for dive centres); have an active program of marine biologist guest speakers; and, emphasize conservation and care for the environment in every course that we teach.
We’re proud to announce that we will be holding our second annual conservation week from 6-11 August. For a single week, we will relentlessly focus all of our diving and resort activities on enhancing the ocean environment and reducing our impact on it. We also want to share with our guests some of the work that is being done by local, conservation-focused NGOs. This year, we are proud to announce that we will be joined by – TRACC, WWF and Greens Semporna. We are very grateful for their support.
But it is also important to us that we not only work with our guests, but that we inspire and educate the next generation of ocean-lovers. This year, we will be launching a program to show school-children from our local community the value of preserving an enhancing the marine environment. And, with our partners, Greens Semporna, we will be capturing their thoughts about this on video. We will share these on our social media channels. In addition, we will be doing multiple underwater and beach cleans; showing plenty of conservation-themed documentaries; and all of our students during that week will have the option of undertaking the two Project AWARE conservation courses – Shark Awareness and Dive against Debris.
So, whether you’re a former, current or future guest we would love to see you during our conservation week, where we can work together to preserve and enhance the environment that we love so much.