Ocean Conservation Week

We are proud to be holding our very first Ocean Conservation week in August (7-12th August) from Seaventures Dive Rig Mabul. The whole week will be dedicated towards ocean conservation activity to create awareness not only for our guests but the children from the local community. We believe by reaching out, educating and sharing ways to minimise our impact on the environment we will be able to be part of the movement to make the change.

For just the cost of certification at MYR 200.00, we are offering guests undertaking courses during the conservation week the opportunity to add on the Project AWARE Dive Against Debris specialty course, and to our leisure divers diving at Sipadan that week will have the option to undertake the Project AWARE Shark Conservation specialty.

Our Divemasters and Instructors will also be offering Buoyancy Masterclasses so that our divers leave Seaventures with excellent buoyancy skills, an understanding of why good buoyancy is so important and how they can use good buoyancy to minimise their impact on the underwater environment.

We will also be offering our guests the opportunity to do Free and Technical dives against debris at our local dive sites. And we will be holding a series of interactive briefings for school children from Mabul on how they can look after the ocean in the years to come. We are really excited to be sharing the knowledge that we have built up through years of diving with the next generation. We have also arranged for an international and a local NGO to come and share some of their knowledge on ocean conservation with our guests.

And finally, we will end the week of action with a BBQ, live music and a party! During the party, our guests will be invited to watch us create a brand new underwater habitat on our house reef. So, please come and join us for our first Ocean Conservation week. We would love to share this with you.