Diving Seaventures House Reef

Maximizing your dive holiday is what Seaventures is all about with our unlimited house reef dive. Help yourself to a buddy, gear up and walk over to the lift and you’ll be lowered directly into the water to the house reef.



These bungalows reef are some of the structures that offers the diversity of marine life right under the rig. It is said to be one of the best dive sites in the area. It could be home to the next “Elvis” , a resident gigantic Moray Eel. Come and be a Rig Diver with us!

Seaventures House Reef

The Seaventures House Reef is famous for its sunken wrecks, cage swim throughs and artificial bungalows with bridges that make up the reefs. The dive site is ideal for night dives where you will find weird and wonderful creatures sleeping in the wrecks and hiding in the reefs, or just out for an evening of hunting and feeding. For afternoons when you aren’t diving Sipadan, Mabul or Kapalai, take a dive under the rig and explore the fascinating structures, swim-throughs and corals that can be found there.

The reef is also home to many sea fans and the dive team are often out to search the fans for the ever-elusive pygmy seahorse and other critter delights ready to show you. An orientation from the dive team when you arrive isn’t just about showing you your way around the reef, it’s also about giving you a sneak peek at the kinds of things you can expect from your dives throughout your stay with Seaventures.

Venture out from under the rig a short distance and take a look at the sandy bottoms and gatherings of corals to see what you can find there. You will be sure to find various species of colourful Nudibranchs, a favourite for most underwater to photograph. Other than that, look for the giant moray eel, crocodile fish, ornate ghost pipefish and frog fish. Have a look around and you might even meet the giant grouper swimming about the pillars.


With the unlimited diving under the Rig, plan your dive and enjoy exploring the underwater world. Subject to sea and weather condition, Night Diving is permitted under the Rig on buddy system. If you are traveling alone, you will never be short of a buddy as there are always other divers on the Rig looking to buddy up.

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