Shark Awareness

Whether you are a diver or not, hate them or love them, most will be intrigued to know about sharks. When “Jaws” first played at the movie, they were already misunderstood. This week, we are excited for #FinsOn4Sharks for Sharkweek in hope that it continue to push awareness for these gentle predators.

Divers knows that wildlife are what they are, wildlife. For human being able to go underwater and see them in their habitat, we all know this is a special opportunity and as always there are risks. We are entering their zone.

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One thing for sure, sharks are often misunderstood and due to that they are now on the verge of extinction. Sadly to say, human threats are the cause of their extinction. From finning, getting caught in fishing activities, culling and habitat degradation, all these must be put to stop.

We have mentioned in the previous post on looking after the Ocean since it is Earth’s life supply. Without sharks, the entire food chain will be affected and this will cause a negative impact on the entire ecosystem.

Please know that sharks mature late and produces very few young making them very vulnerable. So whenever you see a young pup at the market, know that that might be last shark. Pretty heartbreaking if you ask us!

Do your part, be an advocate and educate others about shark awareness.

Learn more about how you can fight for the sharks and other marine life in conjunction with #sharkweek and all year long through PADI Project Aware

  • Fight to stop finning
  • Insist on full protections for critically endangered sharks and rays
  • Negotiate strong policies to help ensure sharks and rays’ survival