This was a dreamy place to dive after a long hiatus of not-diving-due-to-travel-restrictions.

We were there for 5 days, 4 nights and were able to do a total of 14 dives, inclusive of 3 dives in Sipadan. We paid extra for a guided night dive in the house reef and the difference in night and day was well worth. We rented our wetsuit and equipment and while there were some minor issues, the crew was quick to change and was flexible i.e. I changed to a long wetsuit after my first 2 dives. The stay was comfortable, with hot water and air conditioning. The food was delicious and warmed us, belly up. There was so much variety and not a single dish was repeated in our stay there. There was hot water, black coffee and orange juice 24/7. There were also snacks in case you get hungry and trust me, you’d be hungry after the dives. Best were the tea time snacks at about 4pm, the donuts – fresh, hot and fluffy. A DREAM.

The dive masters were professional and warm, bringing us through the check dive and a house reef dive on Day 1. We were guaranteed a day in Sipadan and it was a glorious day. Shout out to Dive Master Tark for many amazing dives with creatures, big and small. The rig is compact and well thought-out. There’s the sundeck, which was a lovely place to wind down. The main deck is where most hang out in between dives. There’s the rig lift where it’s always interesting to peep at what’s coming or going. It’s quite special to dive off the rig lift for the house reef dives. There’s something else that everyone should try – the rig jump! Nothing like some adrenaline to end your stay at the rig.

Thank you Ramesh and the crew (in front and behind the scenes) for making the rig what it is, a unique dive stay that everyone should experience for themselves!