Seaventures Dive Rig : Eco-Friendly Dive Resort

World’s Best Dive Sites in Sabah, Malaysia

We feel lucky to dive and teach in one of the best dives spots in the world. From the endlessly fascinating macro-life around Mabul, Turtles on most dives, healthy hard and soft-coral, deep walls, caves and caverns, and bigger pelagic life around Sipadan. Every day we share the wonders of the ocean with our valued guests. And of course, we always try and match the wonders underwater with superb service and food in between dives.

Sustainable Scuba Diving and Conservation Effort at Seaventures Dive Rig

But we want to go further. We want to do what we can to preserve this precious environment for generations to come. We are formally partnered with Project Aware, an International NGO focusing on combating marine debris and protecting Sharks and Rays. We have also adopted our very own Seaventures House Reef, just underneath the rig, and committed to doing a Dive Against Debris dive on it at least once a month. The reefs and ocean around Mabul and Sipadan are some of the healthiest and cleanest in the world. Yet even here, we find a worrying amount of marine debris. On our last few clean-up dives we have recovered nearly 2kgs of debris (mainly plastics) from our house reef which is approximately the size of a soccer pitch. Plastics are a huge problem for health of our oceans. Not only do they breakdown into micro-plastics and work their way into marine food chains, some can also breakdown and release toxic chemicals, and, marine life can mistake plastics for a food source, ingest it, and die.

Ec0-Friendly Dive Resort in Sabah, Malaysia

As well as doing our small part to make the oceans healthier underwater, were also matching this on the rig. Although we recycle plastic, we have decided to stop giving our guests plastic bottles of water in their rooms. We have switched to a more sustainable solution — glass bottles that we will wash and re-fill. Not only are we doing our best to provide our guests with a superb diving and resort experience at Mabul, Sipadan and Kapalai area, but are also taking the steps we can to make the oceans a healthier place for our guests and future generations.