Welcome to Scuba Diving in Sipadan

We are extremely fortunate to call Sipadan our home and in this Blog we will share with you why we think it’s so incredible!! Let’s start with some basics…

Where is Sipadan?

Sipadan Island lies around 12 km from Mabul Island in the Celebes Sea, off the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia. The unique location of the Seaventures Rig puts us at the heart of the diving around Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai!

What are the Diving Conditions around Sipadan?

When diving in Sipadan, currents are often present and can shift during the course of a dive. There are dive sites suitable for all levels, from easy reefs with a gentle current through to dives for more experienced divers who want to try out some of Siapadan’s more exhilarating wall dives and drifts!

What is there to see?

Of course, one of the main reasons we love diving is the phenomenal array of marine life – and Sipadan has definitely got more than its fair share.

Some of the highlights of diving here include hammerhead and leopard shark sightings, schooling barracudas, herds of bumphead parrotfish, possible manta rays, countless turtles and look out for whitetip reef sharks cruising through.

It’s not only big fish that thrive in our waters, Sipadan’s reefs are bursting with colour and teeming with life. Large groups of harlequin sweetlips, snappers, emperors, triggerfish, batfish and unicornfish are common sightings too. And for macro underwater photographers our dive sites are underwater playgrounds that are packed with critters. Look out for leaf fish, scorpionfish, garden eels, ribbon eels, and an array of different nudibranch species.

Sipadan’s Dive Sites

When diving in Sipadan, our dive spots tend to live up to their names: White Tip Avenue, Turtle Patch, Staghorn Crest, Lobster Lair and Hanging Gardens (for soft corals), all deliver!

Here are a few of our favourite sites:
South Point:  Possible highlights here include hammerhead shark sightings; a solid wall of barracudas stretching over 10 meters high, and a passing herd of bumphead parrotfish. As with all ‘highlights’, a touch of luck is required! On most dives here though, you can expect to see green turtles, white tip reef sharks, and a good variety of reef fishes.

Barracuda Point  There is one good reason to dive this spot—barracuda. Time after time they turn up in their hundreds, a school that turns the water into a glinting wall of fish. There are also sharks accompanying almost every dive here along with a school of bumphead parrotfish too.

Hanging Gardens  Coral lovers will be in awe at this beautiful dive spot. The soft corals hang like dripping wax from candles in a profusion of colours that can hardly be matched elsewhere. The visibility here is often reduced but the beauty of the site more than compensates.

Turtle Spotting in Sipadan: Sipadan offers truly unique turtle spotting moments. Turtle encounters are often close up and swimming alongside one is magical. Whether you are lucky enough to see one tearing off and chewing a chunk of soft coral or a mating pair, the observational opportunities are endless.

Planning Your Trip

There are no longer resorts based on Sipadan Island and diving in the Sipadan area is closely regulated on a permit basis. Due to the limited number of permits available per day, it’s important to book in advance with us so we can secure a permit for you.

Not yet certified to dive? Not a problem! Here at Seaventures we offer a complete range of PADI Courses, including the PADI Open Water Diver course -the first level of diving certification and your ticket to a life time of adventures!

To book diving or a PADI course with us, contact us! We look forward to welcoming you to the magical underwater world of Sipadan soon!