Advanced Courses, Tec and Cavern Diving with Seaventures

What Makes Seaventures Unique?

We are often asked the question, what makes Seaventures unique? The obvious answer is that we are a decommissioned oil rig and the only one in the world that offers accommodation and facilities catering specifically to scuba divers.

We offer a range of room options from dormitory style and twin rooms through to double rooms and even a master family suite. All rooms are wonderfully comfortable with everything you need on hand. They are simple yet tastefully decorated.

In addition to our accommodation, our dining is another of the highlights of staying with us. We provide a variety of options from buffet through to barbecue. We can also cater for dietary preferences and restrictions, so whether you are vegan or gluten free, we can provide you with lovingly prepared options.

Our unique services go beyond the rig itself – there’s also our House Reef beneath the rig and our diving services, especially for those who want to take advanced level, specialties or tec courses.

Read on to find out more…!


Where We Dive

Seaventures is uniquely located in the middle of the Celeb Sea facing Mabul Island and just a short boat ride away from Sipadan. The Seaventures Dive Rig puts you at the heart of the best diving locations, including not only Sipadan and Mabul but also Kapalai.


Our House Reef

We offer more than just boat dives at nearby dive sites but also includes unlimited house reef dives in our packages. Guests are able to simply step right off the rig to dive  directly around and underneath the rig.

The Seaventures house reef is well known for its spectacular macro life. It’s also a great training ground for our guests that are learning to dive or taking continuing education courses. There’s no better way to prepare for the Cavern Diver Specialty Course than by diving under the rig while you learn the steps!


Continuing Education at Seaventures Oil Rig

Advanced Open Water 

During your PADI Advanced Open Water Course you’ll make 5 dives with your Instructor. You’ll need to make a deep dive and an underwater navigation dive and the other 3 dives are yours to choose! You’ll develop a range of skills and complete your course as a more confident and capable diver.


PADI Cavern Diver and Turtle Tomb

One of the most famous dive sites in the Sipadan Marine Park is Turtle Tomb. By taking the PADI Cavern Diver Course you will be able to enter and explore Turtle Tomb safely and with confidence.

The PADI Cavern Diver Course equips you with skills to explore caverns the correct way, allowing you to venture inside caverns but still within the light zone. You’ll start out by learning line handling skills, reel use, and emergency procedures outside of a cavern. Once you’ve mastered the skills, you will head into the cavern, staying within the light zone and 40 metres total distance from the surface.


Sidemount and Tec Diving

As well as Advanced Open Water and a range of other PADI Specialty Courses, Seaventures also offers the PADI Specialty – Sidemount Diver Course. The Sidemount Course is often divers’ first step towards Tec Diving. We also offer a complete range of Tec Courses, including TEC 40, TEC 45, TEC 50 and the TEC Deep Diver.

The Sipadan Marine Park is world famous for its staggering wall dives – and they provide a phenomenal training ground for those taking Tec diving courses with us! Not only do they provide us with depth, they also provide us with incredible marine life sightings, including a variety of shark species and schooling barracuda!


Next Steps

Are you planning your next dive trip or advanced level course? Contact us and come and join us at Seaventures for a completely unique experience and world class dive sites!