Happy PADI Women’s Dive Day!

Today, 18th July 2015 marks the inaugural launch of PADI Women’s Dive Day to celebrate all the female divers around the globe. PADI’s objective is to get as many women as possible to dive together on the same day, to create awareness and interest for scuba diving. Kristin Valette, PADI Americas vice president of marketing and communications said “our goal with PADI Women’s Dive Day is to highlight the significant and meaningful contributions female divers have made to the sport and encourage more women to explore the underwater world.”


If you are not a diver yet, rethink your choice. Scuba diving is one of your passports to adventure, enabling you to live those carpe diem moments.  A great way to connect with nature; and sharing life experiences with your family members and friends.

There is so much benefits that you could get from the sports of scuba diving. One of it is the much needed “me time”, a very good distraction for your mental health. It is quiet underwater, giving you a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. As you get mesmerized by the beauty of underwater nature, there is no time to ponder upon those daily problems that needs solving. A good 45 minutes of no-brainer, just enjoying the peace and quiet of scuba diving could be the answer to free the mental blocks to solve those issues instead.

Should you have been postponing your plan to take up diving, how about giving it a shot soon? Take up Discover Scuba Diving first if you are not sure if this sport is for you.

To all the women divers, let’s celebrate your day today. Happy Women’s Dive Day and enjoy your dives!