House Reef Sightings – Clown Frogfish

Seaventures Dive Rig offers unlimited house reef dive with our diving packages. Naturally, you would be wondering what marine creatures you can see at our house reef. Recent sightings are the Clown Frogfish or also known as Warty Frogfish.

Clown Frogfish
Get our DM to show you the Clown Frogfish when you are diving at Seaventures House Reef. -photo courtesy of Jonatan Sanchez

Frogfish makes little movements and prefers to stay idle. Therefore they can be found at almost the exact same spot where you find them before. They have the ability to change their body color to blend in to their surroundings. A great camouflage effect to capture their unsuspecting prey and dodging their predators.

Take up PADI Aware Fish Identification as one of your PADI Specialty Course with us and have fun identifying the local fish that we have in our house reef.