Scuba Diving, You Never Stop Learning

In scuba diving, you never stop learning. And our very own instructors are the perfect examples that there is so much to learn still.

For the last 2 weeks Jona has been training with our CD, Chris to be able to teach technical levels up to Tec 50. Congratulations to Jona, he completed his course on the 17th November, making it his personal birthday present for himself as it was his birthday the day before. We now have a Tec Deep Instructor and a Tec Deep Instructor Trainer so what are you waiting for, book your technical training today!

Seaventures PADI Tec Deep
Seaventures PADI Tec Deep Dive Course – Photo courtesy of Chris Hailey

One of Seaventures’ long serving instructor, Brigitte upgraded her skills as she passed her Tec 40 on the 10th November and proceeded to passing the Tec 45 course 3 days later. Well done, Brigitte! No one said that technical diving is easy, but it sure is going to be worth it.


Train Hard Fight Easy A moto I have lived my life by from training in the army and now applying it to training tec divers and tec instructors #trainhardfighteasy this is Jona running the Tec 45 dive 3 with Brige after having a failed first stage on her deco cylinder the idea was to buddy breath for 8 mins rather than deco for 40 mins on air… Good effort guys

Posted by Course Director – Chris Hailey on Thursday, 12 November 2015

We continue to learn and grow throughout our life. It is never to late to learn a new skill. Are you up to giving yourself another challenge to conquer? Write to and begin your Tec dive adventure with us.