Stargazing on the Sundeck

You had your fill for your diving adventure during the day. When night time falls, most of us would want to unwind to gear up for next day’s adventure. At Seaventures Dive Rig, we have the place for you if you want a quiet time with amazing view. It is the where you can watch the sunset disappearing over the horizon, and also a great place for stargazing. The sundeck of Seaventures with its 360 degrees bird-eye view of its surrounding.

Our multi-talented CD, Chris Hailey took some time to do a time lapse during a clear, starry night from the sundeck to share with you. Isn’t it amazing?

ction of starry nights during your stay with us, do share please! You can tag us for your post at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , G+ or use the hashtag #SeaventuresDiveRig. Should you have high resolutions pictures and would’t mind for us to have them, kindly send the images to with your watermark. We’ll give the credits where its due.