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Sea Turtle Sipadan

One of the most exciting highlight about scuba diving in Sipadan is seeing a lot of sea turtles during your dive. Just in Mabul itself, you will see them resting on man-made structures or wrecks and will be amazed to see 6 green turtles in the same spot, at the same time.

This however can change if human do not act now and change our way of life. From using single use plastics and irresponsible dumping of trash is killing not just our turtles but other ocean and sea life too. It is also making a huge impact on our environment both sea and land. With trash found on beaches all over the world, this is disturbing the nesting area where turtles go to lay their eggs.

While there is turtle hatcheries in Sipadan and Mabul (and all over the world) human actions and lifestyles posed to be biggest threats for turtles.

Learn how our everyday action is putting an end to a sea turtle’s life.

Climate change – Since sea turtles use both land and sea during their life cycle, climate change have a huge impact on turtles. Rising sea levels causes size of beaches to decrease.

Marine pollution & debris – Simply put, our trash becomes the turtles’ food. When sea turtles ingest the trash, they become sick or even starve to death.

Fishing activities – Nets, trawls and line. Turtles that are accidentally caught in nets are usually found too late to be saved.

Harvest for consumption and shell trade – The killing stops when the buying ends. Noted as luxury items, the next time you see accessories that resembles a turtle shell, stop. You’re helping the trade.

Further information can be found on Sea Turtle Conservancy